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Leaked documents reveal Russia’s plan to invade Japan

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    Leaked documents reveal Russia’s plan to invade Japan

    Daily Digest

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    War with Japan

    According to a newly leaked email from a whistleblower with Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB), months before Vladimir Putin began his disastrous invasion of Ukraine he was planning to attack Japan.

    A leaked email

    ©Provided by The Daily Digest

    Dated on March 17th, the email was sent to exiled human rights activist Vladimir Osechkin from a Russian whistleblower dubbed “Winds of Change,” who has been writing regular dispatches to Osechkin since the war with Ukraine began.

    Translations and analysis

    Igor Sushko, the executive director of the Wind of Change Research Group has been translating and analyzing the correspondence from Russian to English since the start of the war and has been sharing the information with the American weekly online journal Newsweek.

    Russia preparing for eastern war

    In the email to Osechkin, the FSB whistleblower stated that Russia was “quite seriously preparing for a localized military conflict with Japan.”

    Why Ukraine?

    The whistleblower also mentioned the war in Ukraine and suggested that they were certain Russia would go to war, but that they weren’t sure why Ukraine was chosen.

    Confrontation was high

    "Confidence that the countries would enter the stage of acute confrontation and even war was high,” wrote the FSB whistleblower in their March 17th email to Ovechkin.

    Someone else will answer why Russia attacked Ukraine

    “Why Ukraine was chosen for war in the end [the scenario was not changed much] is for others to answer," the whistleblower continued.

    Specifics of the attack

    Isabel Van Brugen, the Newsweek journalist who broke the story wrote about the specific details involved with Russia’s proposed attack on Japan

    Japanese Nazi's

    “The whistleblower detailed movements of electronic warfare helicopters targeting Japan, while Russia's propaganda machine was also initiated, with a huge push to label Japanese as ‘Nazis’ and ‘fascists’.”

    The rhetoric is eerily similar

    While the verbiage may sound very similar to what Russia used as its justification to go to war with Ukraine, it is difficult to know whether or not Winds of Change is a legitimate FSB leaker or if their emails are part of the larger information war at play.

    The emails are genuine

    Christo Grozev, an expert on Russia’s Federal Security Service, has stated that he believes the emails from Winds of Change are from a genuine agent connected to the FSB

    Two former FSB agents agree

    Grozev said he had shown the letter “to two actual (current or former) FSB contacts” and those agents had “no doubt it was written by a colleague.”

    Why attack Japan?

    All of this leads one to ask why? What advantage would Russia gain from attacking Japan? Well, the answer might have something to do with the two countries' dispute over the Kuril Islands.

    The Kuril Islands

    After the end of World War II the new Japanese government never formally signed a peace treaty with the Soviet Union, largely because of their disputes over a group of islands that were being occupied by Soviet forces— which are still under Russian occupation today.

    Leaked documents reveal Russia’s plan to invade Japan (